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Legal Education and Awareness Foundation
About LEAF

Legal Education Awareness Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation established with an aim of awakening Indian citizens by means of conducting workshops, seminars and competitions in various parts of the country. The organisation wishes to achieve its dream of an aware India. Majority of the population is unknown of their legal rights and duties and relevant provisions available to them. And many of those who have a fair knowledge of their rights, duties and provisions are not aware about the same.

LEAF believes that legal education needs to cross its lines beyond the walls of law schools and courts since it seems to be a need of the hour owing to exploitation that is happening due to lack of legal awareness in people.

Also, in today's competitive world, legal education is a pre-requisite to success. Be it any field - medical, engineering, social sciences, entertainment or fashion, law holds a strong foot hold.

The aim of the organisation is to strengthen the immune system of the country by means of conducting seminars, workshops and a variety of competitions, covering educational institutes across the country.

The events undertaken and conducted by the organisation will offer a whole new world of knowledge to the young minds of our country.