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Legal Education and Awareness Foundation
Core Members

MS. TANYA TIKIYA'Awakened citizens are the key to the bright future of a country.'

Legal Education is not only in the ambit of Law Schools, this is the idea that LEAF upholds. We believe if citizens of a country are fairly acquaint with their rights and duties and the measures that court of law provides to the victims of injustice, then a nation can develop.

Therefore, to provide with a stem for Legal Education and Awareness in India, we present LEAF.


Ms. GayatriI have been fortunate enough to be a part of Legal Education Awareness Foundation (Delhi, HO) as their core member.

The best part is that LEAF as an organization gives you the space and freedom to experiment; to come up with new ideas and also to fail without the pressure of an outcome always. If your intentions were correct and you have given your best but still it did not turn the way it was expected you still get applause for your hard work and dedication. I personally have learnt many things while working with them.

LEAF is also unique in the way it takes up legal issues and creates awareness in all fields about the same and is not only limited to the legal field. This NGO is one of a kind which works for the society with an all new perspective.

In short Legal Education Awareness Foundation is a place to learn, grow and a place to be in if you really want to work for the society.


Mr. Aditya DhawanBlatant violation of law is a reality in India. It is important to recognise that initiatives should primarily be intended to inculcate a respect for law amongst the Indian citizens.

Legal Education has a vital role to play in establishing law abiding society. Therefore, the promotion of increased societal knowledge of law is the main focus of LEAF.


Mr. RajeevBeing a passionate photographer and being closely associated with NatGeo, I believe that Legal Education Awareness Foundation is doing a great work of spreading awareness about legal education. The foundation gave me an opportunity to ignite positive changes in our society by means of photography. Photographs depict true picture of our society and hence are catalysts to bringing positive changes. I find myself fortunate that I'm associated with LEAF.